Lisa Shields, Ph.D. - Clinical Psychologist

Making the decision to begin therapy can be a difficult one. Whether it is to enter into therapy for the first time or to resume the process after a hiatus, I commend you for seeking assistance, counsel, and a compassionate ear. Most of us are in need of additional tools at some point in this wonderful yet often baffling course through life. Congratulations for giving yourself permission for seeking assistance to facilitate your personal journey.

Finding your therapist can be a frustrating process. Psychological studies show that the best outcomes for therapy are when the client likes their therapist and when the therapist likes the client. Therapy is a relationship and can be an extremely important relationship for you. I deeply respect the process of finding your right therapist, which is why I offer a free initial consultation. Please browse through my website to see if I could be the right therapist for you.

The Scope of My Practice