Theories, Teachings, Tools, & Techniques

Mindfulness, gratitude, compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance are the foundation of my therapeutic practice, and my personal life. Mindfulness is the cornerstone of these teachings. Mindfulness strengthens the part of you that observes yourself. As the muscle of this observing and compassionate part of the mind begins to strengthen, we become more adept at being at the helm versus being at the whim of our impulses, old habits, and unconscious motivations.


Pet Therapy

I work with a pet therapist named Tika (please see video interview). She is a well-trained, sweet and affectionate small Labrador retriever. I, of course, have clients who are not dog friendly or allergic. Tika is out of the therapy office at those times. But for those of you who do enjoy dogs, studies have shown that pet therapy can lower stress, provide bonding, and help create a nurturing, warm environment.