Therapy is your journey. If you invite me to walk along beside you on this path, I will offer to you my best critical thinking, understanding, compassion, the most up to date scientific findings and theoretical knowledge based on my 25 years of working in this field. I am adept at pointing out signposts, synchronicities, other paths and directions that you may not have noticed along the way. Sometimes we need another set of eyes to tell us when we are just about to step in something gooey and stinky. And at other times we need help getting it off the bottoms of our shoes so that we can continue onward.

The art of therapy is knowing when to listen quietly and compassionately, when to offer up practical advice and tools, and/or when to bring up an unconscious dynamic that is unduly influencing the course of your direction. After 25 years of studying and practicing this art, I feel I can offer you this subtle yet profoundly important expertise.