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It is the start of another year, at least according to what most of us in the Western world follow as “time.”

I heard a wonderful line at a New’s Year’s gathering, “I do not believe in time but I do believe in Timing.”  It follows one of my favorite sayings, “Timing is everything.”

Do we have the patience to flow with own our Timing, with our Tao?  To let ourselves float down our own river; being willing to allow the river itself to take us on its own curves and bends?

Our hungry self wants what it wants when it wants it—whether it is things, success, money or love. And it wastes energy scheming how to get what it wants when it wants it.  Our hungry self struggles to figure out what is ahead and attempts to fool us that it is the one who is in control.

Try to be with the other side of that energy.  Invite in patience, allowing ourselves to be at ease with what is.  Learn how to enjoy this long sweet ride.  Learn how to flow with the archetype of Timing.

And yet, keeping in mind that the other side of Timing–the action and dynamic energy–is as important.  Having the skill to know when to reach for what is offered and at the same time not wasting energy in always reaching and grasping.  Knowing that right moment when something is offered up to us—to humbly accept and give thanks.