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I grew up with a father who was strict and often uncompromising. I have spent most of my adult life fighting against this energy–the energy of archetype of the Warrior. The Warrior archetype is a powerful force that is unbending and direct–that steamrolls everything in its path. In the past, I have felt that forward moving dynamic energy as unyielding and rigid.

I blamed war, greed, and the destruction of our planet on the patriarchy. I joined groups that invoked the Feminine. I studied many aspects of the Goddess—trying to get to know all Her various faces. Steeping myself in the Goddess has helped form who I am as a woman and allowed me to be proud of my powerful womanly self.

As often is the case when we lean too far in one direction, we miss the wonders of the other side. In studying the Goddess, I missed much of the beauty of the Masculine, especially in its most potent aspect—that of the Warrior. This Warrior archetype represents an energy from within that gets accomplished what needs to get done without complaint or verrying off path.

My father recently provided me the opportunity to witness this archetype in all its magnificence. My father suffered a severe fall which was thought by most that he would never walk again. My Warrior father put his head down and without ever complaining about pain battled his injury with grace and valor. He is now walking without a cane, driving, and promising he will be back on the tennis court come spring.

I have come full circle with the archetype of the Warrior. As much as it repelled me as a young adult, I am now in awe of the power of the Warrior. I hope when I am called upon be a Warrior, I can do it with the valor and steadfastness that I now recoginse and admire in my father.